Hello! My name is Grace. I started this shop to intertwine the things I enjoy the most. Yarn, art, and video games. So why not dye yarn inspired by my favorite games?

 I suppose I should give a background on how I came to love yarn. I learned how to knit by my childhood best friend when I was 10, took a 14 year hiatus, and randomly got the itch to start again Oct 2018, and was immediately hooked. It became a new way to express myself creatively. With knitting, I learned to appreciate the fiber I worked with, and grew to love it.

 For video games, I started playing with my siblings when I was young and never stopped! I enjoy a bunch of random ones, but here are a couple favorites; I love chill ones like Stardew Valley and Animal crossing. Story driven games like To the Moon, The Last of Us, Soma. Survival Horror like Resident Evil, Alien:Isolation.

 I got inspired to dye by going to yarn stores and seeing beautiful dyed yarn online. I always wanted to try it and finally took the plunge!


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